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Red Sunset

1990 - Fish Out Of Water - Red Sunset.

Available on vinyl for £7.99 inc p&p (a signed copy can be purchased for £10)

Red Sunset A signed copy of Red Sunset
Available on tape for £7.99 incl p&p
Ian 1996 - Ian Stanton-Rollin Thunder
vailable on CD for £7.99 inc p&p
Nick Work 1996 - Clare Graydon James - Nice Work
Available on CD for £7.99 incl p&p
Water Lucky Scars 1996 - Fish Out Of Water - Lucky Scars
Available on CD for £20.00 incl p&p - Only a couple of copies left
Domestic Bliss 2009 - Fish Out Of Water - Domestic Bliss - includes 'Domestic Bliss? instrumental and cover by well known artist Russell Mills'
Available on CD for £7.99 incl p&p


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