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Gebie Cosmas

Genie Cosmas

(take what you want from this long diatribe) was born in 1959 in Sri Lanka to Greek parents. Came to Britain when she was 5 months old. She started to play classical music at 5. She composed her her first piece at 12 called Parisienne prelude.
At 24 she took up,the saxophone after contracting MS.
She joined a reggae band called Harare Dread and played with them for two years. She formed Fish Out Of Water in 1987 but after a succession of singers decided to sing her own songs. She is a prolific song writer, writing original jazzy/blues material.
She recorded 'Red Sunset' in1989 and formed Stream Records, a label for disabled artists. She collaborated with Robert Wyatt in1995 when she recorded her second album called 'Lucky Scars'.
'Domestic Bliss' is her latest release, looking at the subject of Domestic abuse. 'Bitter and twisted' is all about our inevitable doom and 'Song for Satie 2' is a tribute to Eric Satie and comes full cicle. Song fof Satie 1 is on her 'Red Sunset' album.

Ewan Stewart

Ewan Stewart.

Born in 1949. Started playing at 18. Played with Desmond Decker and the Foundations and lots of funk bands like the Cool Notes. Also played with a lot of reggae bands. Joined Fish Out Of Water in 1990.



Born in Birmingham in 1960. Came to London. Took up saxophone and flute. An accomplished player. Joined the band in 1996.
(he will give me more details later, he's just got out of bed'

Robert Wyatt

Robert Wyatt
Robert Wyatt contibuted vocals on the 'Lucky Scars' album


In 1995 Genie collaborated with Robert Wyatt and recorded a CD called 'Lucky Scars'.

In 1995 Genie collaborated with Clare Graydon James and produced a CD of Gershwin songs called Nice Work.
Russell Mills has colloborated with Genie has producted all of the artwork for Stream Records

In 1995 Genie collaborated with Ian Stanton and produced a CD called Rollin'Thunder.

Iain passed away in 1998. His memories will live on with his music.


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